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What changed in today’s Patch


Hello, we have made few changes to the server in today’s patch.

  • VIP Daily gift gives E45 Reforge instade of E60.
  • Level Gap is reduced to 140, E55 for now, we will increase it later when we see the server need it.
  • Exalted 60 maps is removed and will be changed later with something new when the server needs to have E60 gears.
  • Newbie Fashion and Backgear are no longer droping in DE, it will be only in the Nova pack that you get when you 1st log to the game and it will be valid for 3 days only.
  • Shadow Manor event now drops Stardust Chest from the final boss Okula.
  • Hallu SS rank is fixed now and gives the Hallu Reward Pack.
  • Sunday Event boss got a longer Path to follow now and will drop more gifts.
  • Free Mounts Skill icon is fixed.