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V.I.P MemberShip

You can purchase this pack to become a V.I.P member for 1 month and enjoy what this pack offers you.
Here is a list of the items and privileges you can get from the pack :

  • V.I.P Mount Ticket which you can use to buy one of our VIP mount collection Valid for a whole month.
  • V.I.P Badge calid for 1 month
  • V.I.P Potion X30 which can restore your HP,MP,XP to full, can be used once a day.
  • V.I.P Pass which grants extra daily events run plus exclusive VIP events to come soon, valid for 30 days.
  • V.I.P Daily Gift that you can open once daily to get rare gifts that helps you boost your character faster, gifts might change based on your level and the progress of the server.
  • V.I.P Diamond Fate Cards, you get a random exclusive diamond fate card X1 with each vip pack you donate for.