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Trinity update sneakpeek


As many of you know, we have been working on multiple updates that will take place over these summer months. The first is almost complete, so here is a sneakpeek of what to expect:

Boost to Berserker
-Whirlwind cooldown reduced to 30 seconds
-Sword Flurry cooldown reduced to 45 seconds, spins increased to 10.
-War Roar party buff increased to 5k physical attack, self buff increased to 30% increased attack.

New Bosses
-Total of 4 new bosses will be released which will drop items that can be traded for special rewards.
-Spawns will be fixed each 1 1/2 hours apart so that there will always be something available to hunt.

New Charm
-Obtainable both through TGC and by trading new boss currency, this charm has the chance to drop new mounts, fashions, high value items, and even a new 6k pet.

Although we aren’t sure the exact day, this update will likely go live soon. Another bigger update will be scheduled for August, which we will give more information on later. Stay tuned. 🙂