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Trinity Rewards Quest


We have added a new event to help you level and power up in the game.

The event is called “Trinity Rewards Quest” which you can take daily from the NPC “Holly” in the Trinity Events Map.

Once you took the Quest you will be granted a Buff which increases Attack Speed, PHY and MAG ATK by 10% and Max HP by 5% and Heal by 1000 every 5 sec and it lasts for 2 hours.

You will also have a quest to stay online 4 hours to finish it and then it finish it self auto and send you the rewards via your ingame mail.
for the 1st 4 days you will get “Holly’s Heart” which gives massive EXP, also you will get Trinity Gem Chest and there is 50% chance you get 1Mil coins.

On the 5th time you finish the event you will get also “Trinity Rewards Pack” which have valuable gifts and a chance to get exclusive pet “Okula” 3500-4500 Growthrate.

Good Luck to you all 🙂

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