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Trinity Facebook Contest


Hi! We decided to adjust the FB contest as people decided to use the previous contest post to submit bug reports which was absolutely NOT what the post was intended for.

Instead we will do a screenshot contest. This contest will be simple, and will have more strict rules.

1) Firstly, take a screenshot of your Trinity BOI character. The character name must be visible.

2) Post the Screenshot here along with you ingame name.

3) Share this post publicly on your facebook page. We will check to make sure we can see it and if we can’t you will be disqualified.

4) Like this post.

People that follow these steps will be entered to win a 7k pet of their choice, either Gorea or Zeus.

I will disqualify people that post off-topic, and the contest will run for 2 days.


Please show us your beautiful characters, and good luck. 🙂