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The High Roller

This event is a guild based half PVE and half PVP.

Every SAT, SUN, TUE, THE Guild leader, Guardian or Warden can collect 2 entry pass’s which cost 12,000 Guild Development points for both Pass’s and your guild will get back 6,000 Development points every time 1 party enter the event.

The event can be done twice on the given week days at 1500 and 1900 server time each guild can choose to use both the pass’s they got to enter with 2 Party at the same time or 1 party on each event run.

Once the event is started you and your party members will have to face 5 waves of monsters each of 40 monsters each wave and each wave are in different area on the map.

After killing all 5 waves you will meet 1 of the 5 Lords randomly, each Lord are different than the other by DMG,HP,DEF,Skills ETC.
so based on the Lord you get randomly and your party killing speed you will finish this PVE part of the event and the Lord will drop a chest that have Super Gem Talisman X10 Unbound and Odin Coin that you will need to give to the NPC standing in Area 5 to teleport you and your party to the PVP section of the event and to meet the final boss “Nephalem”.

This part of the event is PVP Based and you will then meet the other guilds parties who finished their PVE part and joined you in the same Red map, you will have to eliminate your enemies one by one to have the chance to get the final boss drops for your own.

Each player will have 2 chances to return to the event after getting killed and then you will no longer be able to return to assist your party so make your presence count!

The final boss “Nephalem” Drops 1 Chest on the ground which got 1 E60 Seal Of The Sun (SOS) Weapon Shard random class.

The Shard is tradable but you will need 5 shards of the same class to create 1 weapon of the same class so it will be wise to make some friends here to get what you need for your guild.

The SOS Weapon is a bit higher in white stats than the normal Primal Weapon and got a higher Gear skill as well, it also look slightly different.


The chest can be collected by any player nearby so make sure to kill all your enemies before killing the boss.
The Final boss drops his egg every Sunday so make sure you dont miss it.

This post is subject to modifications if the event need adjustments.