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Summer Facebook Event


With summer upon us it feels like a great time for another screenshot event!

The rules are simple,

1. Take a screenshot of your character along with your favorite pet.
2. Post your screenshot in a reply to this post along with your IGN (Do not forget this!)
3. Share this post on your facebook page, making sure that the post is set to PUBLIC so we can see it.
4. Like this post.

You must do each step in order to be entered into our drawing for the pet and you may only enter once. Anyone found to enter with multiple characters or accounts will be disqualified.

2 people will be drawn at random to receive their very own 6k pet, Maja. 2 other people will be drawn for a free VIP pack. All people who enter will receive 10 bound SGT following the completion of the event.

Event ends July 12th.
Best of luck. 🙂