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Sidereal Zodiac Event

The Sidereal Zodiac is an event located in Olympus Peak that offers both party and single player modes. It is available for lvl 130 e50+ players.

The NPC to enter the event changes based on the current active zodiac sign, and the end boss you face will be the zodiac for that particular period. Single mode is a simple one-boss fight with reduced rewards, while party mode is a full instance with more challenge and a greater amount of rewards and items to be obtained.

When you first enter the event you will need to kill some mobs and then a boss. When you clear the first room you can speak to the npc to teleport you to the next area. In similar fashion to the first room you will progress at this stage by killing bosses and mobs and following the directions to arrive at the last area where you will kill the boss to teleport to the final area.

Some of these boss fights can be tricky.  You should pay special attention to your surroundings on bosses like Scorpio, and pay attention to the red text for hints how to kill the final pair of twin zodiacs. Rewards from this event include Gem Chests, Super Gem Talismans (bound), enhancement fortify crystals, Stardust and Star Word Packs (on the weekends), and  Zodiac Souls for use in a special shop located outside the event.

The new shop gives you access to a new pet (4.8k), super gem talismans, and a variety of upgrade-able titles. For these titles you must learn them in order, so make sure you purchase LV 1 before you buy and try to use LV 5.


Efreet Sultan (4.8k growth)