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Password Reset Option



We have added an option on the website for the players to be able to reset their ingame login password.
we have asked our players to use a valid email upon registering to the game and confirm the account to be able to login for this reason.

if you wish to change your game account password you need to provide both login name and email and then you will get an email with a link to confirm it was you who requested to change the password.

You need to click on that link you got in your email inbox and it will get you to another page asking your new password and you are done.

There is no need to contact the GMs any more to change your password and definitely you are not allowed to ask any GM to change the password for you in case you forgot your email or lost the ability to log it.

Your account security is your responsibility now fully, we will not be responsible if you lost both you email access and account password.