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Litecoin and BTC Guide



To be able to pay with Litecoin, you will need a Litecoin wallet. Click here to visit the official website with wallets.

We recommend wallet: Electrum Litecoin and this guide will be based on the recommened wallet.

Installing Electrum Litecoin

Step 1: click on the link above and scroll a little bit down on the website. You will see different versions available to download. Click, download and install the Windows Installer version.

Step 2: once you’ve downloaded and installed the wallet, you will need to set the wallet up. So navigate to your desktop and open Electrum-LTC. 

Step 2.1: once you’ve opened Electrum-LTC, the setting up starts. It’s quite simple, just follow the wizard and you’re done soon.

Select auto connect and click next.


Step 2.2:

Give your wallet a name and click next. You can also leave it default and click next. In this guide we leave it default and click next.


Step 2.3:

Select standard wallet and click next.


Step 2.4:

Create new seed and click next.


Step 2.5:

Select standard and click next.


Step 2.6:

Copy your seed to a safe place and save it. You will need this later, also to recover your wallet.


Step 2.7:

Confirm your seed and click next.


Step 2.8:

Give your wallet a password and click next. Keep your password saved in a secure area. You will always need it to make transactions.


Step 2.9:

Now you are done. You are ready to receive and send Litecoin.


Step 3:

In the receive tab you will see your own address. You will need this to receive Litecoin.


Step 3.1:

To send Litecoin(make transactions) you visit the send tab. When sending, make sure to pay enough fees for a fast transaction, else your transactions will take a very long time.


Step 4:

You can now visit exchanges to purchase Litecoin via credit card or your bank account. After receiving your Litecoin in your wallet, you can place an order here and pay with your Litecoin wallet.

We recommend the following exchanges:

  1. BTCDirect
  2. AnycoinDirect
  3. Coinbase
  4. LiteBit

We hope this guide has been help to you. Feel free to contact us via support. We are always willing to help.

Happy gaming!