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Items And Where To Get

Super Gem Talismens are now obtainable From Bounty Hunter and As a Drop from trinity charm (Trinity charm can be purchased from the trinity shop)

You Can purchase Exalted 15 gear from [url]Atlantis(273,160)[/url] for free

Advanced Rebirth Stones Can Be Obtain From the new Pack Named Trinity Charm located in the remote sell shop.

The Donation Shop is located in the trinity events zone.
Kirin Relics Are obtained from the Trinity charm So Are LvL 10 Souljades.
E45 Gear is obtained from Apollo and Ruath recommend elemental resistance gem’s

Adornment Elements changer e30 is to be used on perfect adornments

New Currency to BOI.

To Get the Gold Tokens you need to right click 200 trinity money to get 1 bronze 25 bronze to get 1 silver 5 silvers to 1 gold you can use the 1 gold on a FTP Pet that are also located in the trinity shop

Trinity Gold Coin(TGC) is the donation currency on the server you can use it buy pets,fashion,back gear, and some items to make your stay on the server more fun and faster.

Trinity money is Free To Play(FTP) Currency.

Trinity money can be Obtained Many Different ways Dragon Catacombs and Hunting Ground Farm and daily events Giza Also Drops. You can spend it on your platinum noble remote sell the shop has been customized for your convenience

You Can Farm Blue Crystal at Hunting grounds.

Free To Play Mounts

Free to play mounts cost 1 Gold Token a piece they all have same stats

1.Wings of Night

2.Bragi’s Wheel

3.Hel’s Fury

4.Queens Wings

5.Frigga’s Light

Changes to Grinding

Some Mobs in Hunting Ground Have been weakened in order to make farming easier.
Dragon Emperor catacombs instance has been modified for leveling purposes(Cap is LvL 130 Exalted 45)Also is a good place to farm Trinity Money)

There Currently 4 Custom Bosses on the Server

E45 Bosses



E60 Bosses

Out Of Control(ooc)


Custom Events

Sunday Event Realm 5 and 7 Pick up the marionettes for a chance at reforge items for fashions and back gear.