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Hunting Ground

Hunting Ground is an event where you can farm coins only.

We have decided to make it like an event so each party or a player have his own map to farm in it without getting bothered by other players camping next to his party.
as for now the map have only 1 fixed level monsters but we will be adding more level options to suits every one as we level up.

all you need to do is enter the event from the NPC “Hunting Ground” which is located in “Trinity Events Map” and enter along with your party and start hunting the monsters that drops
Blue Crystals“, sell those to the NPC for 10,000 coin each.

If someone decided to join your party, he/she can then choose return option from the same NPC to join your in the same map otherwise the player will be granted his own map id to farm in it.

Event is 12 hours long so please make sure to plan your timing well before going AFK.

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