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How To Level Up

When you start your character try to not level it till you open the Nova pack you find in your character bag.

To open this pack you need to open your bag slots fully and have them empty from anything but the Nova pack because it will give you all the gears and gems you need to start your journey.

Once the Nova pack is opened you will be leveled to level 95 automatically so 1st thing to do is to Fortify your gear to +10 to be able to put all the gems Lv5 that the Nova gave you.

After doing that you still too weak to go solo daily events that is why we made an event specially for you to start leveling and powering up. Dragon Emperor event monsters will be too easy for you to kill and they will drop Trinity Money and grants a major EXP.

Once you hit level 100 you should change realm or relog and the exalted level will be auto activated then you can go on with your DE runs.

You cannot enter DE event any more when you reach one of Level 130 or E45 then you cant go in to the event any more so make sure to not reach one of those 2 levels till you ready.

The Nova Pack will also give you a fashion and backgear that will boost your Attack and health but it will be available for you for only 3 days from the day you open the Nova pack.

Cosmos system can be activate at level 110 from [url]Atlantis(54,192)[/url] but only after you activate demigod title by buying the fruit for free from [url]Trinity Events(71,78)[/url].

More info you can find in Game info > Gears and where to get them.