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Few Changes To The Game



We have made a few changes to the game and its as the following:

  • Trinity Charm gives 5 Advanced Rebirth Stones now instead of 1.
  • Grand Maelstorm Map have been deleted and the monsters in Hunting Ground event now drops both Trinity Money
    and Blue Crystals, also the monsters now will give EXP and Exalted EXP so there is no need to farm in multiple places.
  • All shops and Marketplace items are now not able to be sold to the NPC and whoever found using a 3rd Party tool to get
    advantage of other players will lose the coins he/she made this time according to the Rule number 3 in the Rules page player should be banned but we will only delete the coins this time as a warning.
  • The name of coins that you get by combining Trinity Money has been changed to “Token” to avoid confusion.
  • New VIP Mount has been added to the market for Our VIP members to choose from, you can find more info about VIP membership and Screenshot of the mounts it give in the Game INfo tab in the menu.
  • We added new Free Mounts to the market also which can be found in the portable shop and can be bought to Gold Token.
  • We have added Exalted 30 Adornment element changer which can be bought from the Trinity Gold Coin Merchant in Trinity Events Map and it cost 3 TGC for each try, it only work on E30 adornments Perfect Quality
  • Added new Fashion (51) for both Male and Female, Free and Donation shops, Refer to Game Info tab in the Menu > Items and Gears > Male/Female Fashions for photos and info.