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E90 Gears are here!!



We are glad to announce the release of the E90 gears and the brand new event “Succubus Nightmare”

The ultimate goal of this event is to kill the Succubus Lady to claim a great rewards including Trinity’s Talisman Lv9 which is required to upgrade your gems to Lv10 ” ATM its untradeable item to avoid alt abuse of this event but we will have later a new boss that drop this talisman which will be tradeable”

Here is a little guide about the new event:

1- after you enter the event in solo or party you need to talk to the NPC to start the event and face the SnowWolfs which you need to kill 50 of them to remove the 1st ice wall.

2- now the 1st wall is removed you need to kill Hell Dogs and collect the item they drop “Flaming Soul” which you need 20 of them to donate to Azera so he can remove the 2nd icewall for you.

3- Proceed north to the Queen Chamber and you will find The Trumpet of War which will summon 1 of 3 bosses required to release the Queen

4- after defeating the 1st boss he will drop the fire element that you need to pick up then proceed east to face the Ice Spirit monsters and kill 40 of them.
5- then you will head west to face the 2nd boss which will drop the ice element and then at the center of the map you will face the 3rd boss which will drop the Nature Element.
6- Right click on one of those elements to get the Force element which you need to talk to the NPC at north so he can free the Queen then you need to fight her and kill her to collect her rewards.

The event can be done once a day only and its the only way of getting the new Gem Talismans LV9 at the moment.

you can enter the event from Trinity Events map.

There is also a new Red map and a new 2 bosses will be spawning there every 4 hours starting from 0115 server time and 0215 for the 2nd boss and every 4 hours after that till the last boss at 2115 and 2215 server time.

Those 2 bosses will drop the new E90 gears.. each boss will have diff set of gears to drop so be ready to kick some butts 😀

You can teleport to the new maps from both teleports in Atlantis.

Please note there was little tests has been done so bugs are expected to happen so please report any if you find ASAP.