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Donations via Paypal


After weeks of waiting for Paypal to get back to us with an answer and we got nothing we have decided to open another account.
However this time it wont be a business account till we fix the problem with Paypal and there will be a small change of the way you can donate using Paypal now.

1- Open your Paypal account and choose “Pay or transfer money” from the menu.
2- Select Transfer money to friend of family.

3- Enter the following email address : and click next

4- Choose the currency that we will receive as USD and fill in the correct amount based on what you are donating for and dont forget to put your ingame name and items you want in the note section then click on continue.

5- Paypal after will take you to the final page which is just for you to confirm all the information you entered and you need to click confirm and all is done.

Please note if you send the Donation as “Pay for goods” we will reject the donation and you will have to pay the fees your self.
Also note all donations must arrive in USD or it will also get refunded and again you need to pay the fees so please be extra careful when you do your donation specially if you haven’t done it this way before.

I am sorry if its longer process like this but its the only way as for now.

Items might take 12 hours to be sent to your character due to the difference in time-zones so its better to PM any of the GM’s before you do your donation to make sure you get your items ASAP.