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Beginner’s BackGear and Fashion removal



As we have observed the past few days, players was not leveling their characters up just so they can use the fashion in pvp longer time.
I think there is a misunderstanding here about what that fashion is made for and what its job is.

We have made that fashion to help new joiners do their daily events to the point they wont need it any more and level up to not use it any more and its not to stay forever below the required level of wearing it just so you can use it longer.

We will change this after the next server restart, Both Beginner’s BackGear and Fashion will NOT drop from Dragon emperor any more, they will be added to the Nova Lv1 pack that you get when you enter to the game for the 1st time and it will be valid for 3 days.

In those 3 days its your choice to be active and level up to the level that you dont need that fashion after, or just be inactive and waste your 3 days Fashion boost.

Those changes will take effect next server restart so be informed.