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Accepting GM Applications


We are currently looking to expand our GM team here on BOI Trinity and are opening up 2 new GM positions. Our goal is to select individuals from different time zones so we can better support our playerbase at all hours throughout the day.

Potential candidates should be at least 20 years in age and active for at least 6 hours daily. Knowing how to code or having worked with BOI before may offer an advantage, but is not a requirement at this time. We are mainly seeking individuals to fulfill an in-game support role. Duties will include warning and muting disruptive players, answering questions and concerns, collecting feedback and ideas from the community, and helping to test new events and features.

Interviews for these positions will be conducted on Discord, but keep in mind that being selected for an interview does not guarantee you will be chosen in the long run.

If you feel you have the maturity, time, and mindset to take on a GM role and help improve our server please send an email to along with the following:

*Your main character name
*How many hours a day you spend on trinity
*Your time zone and which hours (server time) you are available
*Why you feel you would be a good fit for this role (feel free to include any experience you have or that may be useful to this position)

We will follow up with potential candidates and post our final choices at a later date.